ES Friday 9-20-13

1719.50 is magnet price today and looks like they may hit it before the open too...VA high is there...I like sell idea above 20.50...Ideally at 21 and then we can try for that 19.50.....aggressive buys would come at 17.50 but the better area is the 15.50 - 15.75

In general I have a bullish bias today and think they ultimately want to make new highs above Thursday and fridays highs
going small from 1717.25...better idea is still from 15.50 go get that 19.50
I feel they are targeting 1714.25, but i am worried about an attempt to capture 1711.00-1711.75 before beginning the expected advance.
trying again from 13.25...this is thrid try on longside...see if I get back to 15.50
with u bruce on this 13 long...i think this 11.5-13.5 should see some support...if not 06-08 is next for me....
support zone from yesterday is still valid...12- 13.75.....and yesterday was a bell curve so hopefully buying these lows is smart

taking something off at 15.25 ....I'd really like to see them stay inside YD VA lows and not do too much of a test down

poc of O/N and YD VPOC is 15.50 !!!
runners stopped...those players that used that POC as resistance should push for new lows
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es 12 13 15 min 9202013
pullback on wednesday is at 1712 even so wouldn't be surprised to see them try to push that out....
they really goofed me up by testing my magnet and the end of the overnight session...sneaky

trying small from 12 even but ideal try point is 09.75

14.50 is target
was stopped back at 12.75 on half....the other half was off at 15 fwiw
cool day considering I was on the wrong side from the start ...hope all have a great weekend