ES Friday 10-4-13

heres how I see it today

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damn they are playing volume coming in at 73...will wait until we get over 76 now or until we get down towards look for fades
Dont forget the Bradley turning point date coming Tues!... go back and look at 6/22 and see if it worked...

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Just for fun...
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es 12 13 60 min 1042013
great example of how hard it can be to trade for a probability like the 95% that the O/N high or low will get gamble would be for the high to get broken as the O/N VPOC hasn't been tested yet
C= 0.618 of A at 1654...interesting and its that darn equality ratio again~
poking into the VA high of yesterday and key zone....looking for shorts up here to try and target 74.75..I really don't want to see price over that 80 on any short campaign
trying from 77.50...I think we will need to take multiple tries up here
first target for me will be 75.50 if they'll give it
Agreed Bruce ..except im targeting 1678.25 for an entry
missed target by one tic and got stopped..trying again from 79.25....this is selling tail and center of all session bell of 1780..will try for 77 and if lucky runners will get 75.50.....only other spot for me is 82.25...and then will target the 80 test...but prefer this one to work.....really don't love that 80 node
yeah i had 72 as vpoc for yest using dtn data...not too far apart from your 71.5 but still different...anyway, thanks again