ES Friday 10-4-13

heres how I see it today

No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

what did u have at 74.75 bruce? i did not see a line on your chart (or may be i just missed it) thanks, and great trading !
It's on the video Nick but it was the POC of TIME based on one minute data....the tradional Market profile uses a formula as you know which doesn't always show where the most time was spent at a certain price.....that price from yesterday was 74.75...hope that helps and perhaps I wasn't clear on the video.......perhaps you haven't had time to watch it's all cool either way////let me know if you understand that concept
i did watch it, that's why i said i might have missed that level being mentioned...will watch it again....thing is your ib data most times doesn't match mine (i use dtn)...thanks anyway
bruce, fyi i think i missed the part where you changed to rth data only and got that 74.75, but it was clear from the back and forth that that was the poc of time so i should have seen it....thanks for the video
agree the IB data is quite interesting as it bundles volume but for time work it should's funny that it works so well even if it doesn't always get the correct vpocs.......that should tell us all something.....and that is that price will usually be more important and why I use price to confirm all the areas...
no problem Nick...i try to show alternate views of the same stuff as some latch on to different idea hopefully they can find one that works for them and is visually appealing
yeah i had 72 as vpoc for yest using dtn data...not too far apart from your 71.5 but still different...anyway, thanks again