ES Monday 10-7-13

zones I'm working from today......will keep in mind the naked VPOC concept and that ranges have been about 15- 18 points....if we open under 73.25 - 74 that that should be first reistence and possible sell point...otherwise I'd prefer to see them push under fridays RTH lows into the 67.50 - 68.50 to set up a possible first buy zone

77 - 78 is next area and then covers the lines
No video below? Try this link: monday_10-7.swf

u long bruce? mid day trading is just too choppy for me
hard chop in here... you can be right but not get out with anything.
well the test is we just need to see if the roles have reveresed on that 73 - 74.......not convinced of anything in this poor volume...but the current high doesn't show selling impulse
yes...sorry Nick...I'm trying to shy away from posting exact trades...too stressful and not sure it adds much value to the room
np...even past trades that come with logic are useful, at least for me...that is why i post them sometimes...nice hold btw
sometimes I get a bit paranoid about my posts being timely and the only saving grace is the time stamp of the posts......a problem I've had since I use to fight with that damn vendor from trading zoo.......a personal problem
agree greg..took me two tries in here before I got something to the problem is that the new high is attracting sellers from running the low time zone at 80 - 81...ugh !!!
it's really almost ridiculous when you have a zone at 73 -74 and then one at 77 - 78....not being able to hold outside the Ib highs doesn't bode well for runners...probably would have been best to stop and reverse up ther on everything but not quick enough for that a a break of an IB high into ( or near)a LVN should probably been sold more agressively on my part to cover longs
just throwing in a stop at 74.75 on last runner..... probably will get hit I have poor management skills sometimes...especially on runners
I have vpoc at about 76.50 now....anyone have something different
LOL Greg...oh yes....the demons are strong oustide the first 90 minutes of the day for me....thanks Nick too