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ES Monday 10-7-13

zones I'm working from today......will keep in mind the naked VPOC concept and that ranges have been about 15- 18 points....if we open under 73.25 - 74 that that should be first reistence and possible sell point...otherwise I'd prefer to see them push under fridays RTH lows into the 67.50 - 68.50 to set up a possible first buy zone

77 - 78 is next area and then covers the lines
No video below? Try this link: monday_10-7.swf

we have single prints in the On at 72.25...I'd like to see them push above that into our first key zone before looking for the short but the better trade is to go down first ideally under fridays lows into our 67.50 - 68.50 for the buys
if you are on this long then u know we need to get back above fridays lows and then try to target that single print into the first key zone above
that single print is also the o/n midpoint !

Originally posted by BruceM

if you are on this long then u know we need to get back above fridays lows and then try to target that single print into the first key zone above
good eyes Nick and another reason to look to have used it as a magnet ...this is first key resitance it small as we had a great long campaign and don't need to go crazy and give back profits.
i think they will trade above that 74 area and go to next I took a profit and exited that short at 71 even....midpoint of developing day and fridays lows aere right near by
no overnight high or low run yet gamble is that it will be the high that get clipped today...especdially since they tested back and are trying to rally up now...

even so we still have our first zone at the 73.25 - 74.50 to get beyond
watch this 73 - 74 zone close....if they can hold it then 77 - 78 is gonna be given to us !
still holding that short bruce? 78.5 was 61.8 ret of the move from fri highs to the o/n lows, so right in line with that 77-78 zone to try shorts....this is the peak of the middle distribution from friday, with the edges being 81-81.5 on the upside and 73.75-74.75 on thw downside (at least according to my chart)....looks like we are gonna test that lower bound soon
yes I was Nick but wasn't here for first test of the 77 - 78 area......i wanted those singles from the breakout of the first 30 minute bar !!
i'd like to know see the 73 - 74 hold price as support now so we go go get new highs and up into the 81 zone and the VPOC from friday
LOL Greg...oh yes....the demons are strong oustide the first 90 minutes of the day for me....thanks Nick too
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