ES Monday 10-7-13

zones I'm working from today......will keep in mind the naked VPOC concept and that ranges have been about 15- 18 points....if we open under 73.25 - 74 that that should be first reistence and possible sell point...otherwise I'd prefer to see them push under fridays RTH lows into the 67.50 - 68.50 to set up a possible first buy zone

77 - 78 is next area and then covers the lines
No video below? Try this link: monday_10-7.swf

same here...vpoc 76.5
MarkeDelta's term "sweeping the book"... hahaha... Usually it is the trader fighting his/her own demons. Today is like the movie the Terminator:) We may be the only live people trading.... jk Greg
LOL Greg...oh yes....the demons are strong oustide the first 90 minutes of the day for me....thanks Nick too