ES Thursday 10-10-13

areas I'm watching today
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

said 57 - 58 on video..should be 67 - of upper bell and ok to try small shorts in O/N as we just hit into that post 9 a.m.....gotta watch last weeks RTH low for possible support IF they can push it down in RTH session......getting above 71.50 would be next sell spot and then use the 67 - 68 as the target.....on this sell area you'd really want to use 63.75 - 64 as a target
i'm trying to target 65 to get out if front of everyone that may be lurking down there...this is overnight...scary place to play ...IMHO !!
many will be watching to see if that single print/lvn from Tuesdays session becomes support....the lower edge of the bell..
was hoping for a quick drop back ....too close to rth open now..and concerned of an atomic thrust higher
no sense trying the fade up here unless we like what we see under the Opening range low or they can push it up above 71.50
trying small short from 70 even to front run.....but core shorts need to see us OVER 71.50
any short will use 68.25 as a target...the center of this upper bell and O/N high
this the better zone to try the shorts....took small .5 loser and will try again up here at 72.50
buyers will try to push for 75.50....that;'s who I am battling with
i am with u on this short bruce, but the open drive scares me a bit and i have a tight stop...above 73 we will likely head to 76.5, that is where i have all the volume for that bell curve we are trying to get into...upper edge at 79.5, but there is some air above that to 81-82, the bottom of the top bell curve from 10/6
wow, they took the trip right to the upper edge of that beel curve from 10/4 (and an untouched upper edge of the curve from 10/2)...ripping through the nvpoc at 82.75 and filling the gap at 84.75...that's what hours of balancing will do to you...

86-87.5 was a zone i had on the chart, bu i was not here to trade it...and might have not done it even if at my desk...we know how this trend days end...usually making highs (or lows in down days) in the last 30m