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ES Thursday 10-10-13

areas I'm watching today
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

anyone looking to improve with the bell curve concepts should make sure they print out or save Nicks chart image and write up some comments about the edges and the peak volume and or time prices........It seems they are struggling outside Mondays highs which makes up part of our LVN zone that seperates two bell curves...the one from Monday and the one from Friday....but look at his chart to see it all better

still think they want to test the center on Mondays bell again but I too didn't take this short over lunch...good luck if u r on it
i don't tend to look at tpos as much as i do volume but after watching a few of your videos bruce, i added the time profiles on that chart (in green) just to make sure big vpocs like (76.5 for example) also correspond to an area where we have a poc...that gives a higher odd tot he trade, despite being a trade from the middle of a bell...and u can see in most cases that relationship between vpoc and poc holds...
Is this "The" KoolBlue?

Haven't seen you around for a long time - Used to talk to you, VOwater and PTemini when we had the Ventrilo chat......

I'll check back in here more often!
cool Nick....I like the way you can see a lot of the data on your screen....I try to use one minute for my Time profiles and my price chart points....the problem with that is fitting all the data on one screen where you can see everything...I like your choice of the 3 minute data , seems to capture the best of both worlds, meaning you can see multiple days but also see the little swings in the price data all on one screen
very cool how they are testing back toi the center of that bell....there where also single print there that just got filled in...
wow, they took the trip right to the upper edge of that beel curve from 10/4 (and an untouched upper edge of the curve from 10/2)...ripping through the nvpoc at 82.75 and filling the gap at 84.75...that's what hours of balancing will do to you...

86-87.5 was a zone i had on the chart, bu i was not here to trade it...and might have not done it even if at my desk...we know how this trend days end...usually making highs (or lows in down days) in the last 30m
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