ES Thursday 10-17-13

two video and lots of babble.....key zones below are 06.50 and 03....then 1699 - 1700..unfortunately this last zone is also a magnet
magnets for me are 1710 and 1712.50
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_two.swf

trying to use 1710 as a first target from the 06.50 area
my numbers...pretty much in line with bruce's....notice that triple line at 99.5-0.5-1.25, all that is one little zone

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tryingto get to 12.25 as final target...for once an On trade goes fairly well
nice long bruce...i am trying the short from 13, tight stop, as i don't want to carry it all the way up to the upper edge of the curve at 16-17...first target is 10 area

internals and tick mixed, but decent delta coming in since that last low around cautious here
agressive traders will be trying to sell the center of this bell to see if they can push back out under the 1710....I don't like it as we opened outside the bell and were immediately rejected back in.......that bell from yesterday was almost too perfect and symetric...I wouldn't be surprised to see them eventually push to yesterdays highs...good luck if you are battling in the center here
damn Nick..u beat me by a minute..I hope it keeps dropping for ya
i know it is not a high odds play, that is why i said i was cautious on it, and with a tight stop....more like a punt than anything here
took most of it off on that little flush down...have runners (that will likely be stopped) aiming for 8.25 and 6.5...if this 10 area holds we are likely going to 16-17 as bruce mentioned
it will very interesting to see if they hold above that 1710 and then start making new highs...agressive traders will buy those new highs I think....just pointing outthe concept and not rooting against ya Nick
damn Nick..ya beat me by two minutes that time...I'm gonna shut up from here...LOL!!
nice bracket low test though for those who took that