ES Thursday 10-17-13

two video and lots of babble.....key zones below are 06.50 and 03....then 1699 - 1700..unfortunately this last zone is also a magnet
magnets for me are 1710 and 1712.50
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_two.swf

I can see that the High for the RTH on 9-19 was 1723.75, BUT the highest high was 1726.75 in the overnight.

do you have any concerns that price not only has the potential to print 23.75, but also might go up and test that overnight high of 1726.75?
.75 loss and trying again from 23..i know destination traders still want to try for contract i will add above that if/when it comes..revising my plan a revised to 1720
i sure do paul.....that's why this is small tries...
revising target to 20.75...sure wish they would get that contract high over with
average now is is more adds and will look to eat the loser above 26.75
the double top on 30 minute made me exit at 23.75....still no bracket low test
22.75 and 19.50 are my spots that need testing but don't like the matching highs up there at the current highs
oh that was market is a mean, despicable entity !!
they are watching you bruce !
lol....what a bunch of Farking Bastages !!
nice bracket low test though for those who took that