ES Thursday 10-17-13

two video and lots of babble.....key zones below are 06.50 and 03....then 1699 - 1700..unfortunately this last zone is also a magnet
magnets for me are 1710 and 1712.50
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_two.swf

took one off at 17.25...holding final runner for 19 even but could be just as likely to head back down to the 12 - 13 area...
we are one time framing higher with no bracket test and singles are below on the break from the first 30 minute I don't have lots of faith in getting final target but I can hope !!
just went flat at 18.25......they are trying to push for second set of singles and I just don't like it now...good luck if you are holding from here...hope it keeps going 4 ya...what the hell was happening at that 1718 number..I thought something was wrong with my charts...
I think they will come back for 16.75 and I have no way to hold up here with one contract so it was best for me to just get out.....don't think I'll be trading anymore today...very skeptical on this low volume push up NEAR that 19 number I am watching.....i wouldn't want to be long anymore...
that big spike in volume at the 19.50 tells me that it will most likely be tested a few times...seems a bit early to have three sets of single on the charts without a breather.......I'm goingto try small sells above 21.50 and assume that those who use stops 2- 4 points off a key area will be done buying back their losses on shorts in the 21.50 - 23.50 zone
my plan is to try multiple small tries up here and use 19.50 as a target...18.75 has single will be ok to be wrong on this as long as it's small
lol, you can't help it are a trade junkie !
the low volume area from the 9-19 starts above 21.50...hence another reason to use that area and since we blew through the 19.50 I expect a retest of it back my tries will come above 21.50, 22.50 and 23.75...I will not average in
agree Nick...I don't mind if I had a good morning but usually this is a terrible time to trade........but yes...I have an addictive I have had to work hard on discipline over the years......mostly now that comes in the form of smaller numbers of contracts outside my prefered times to trade

so I am on try number one up here now for that 19.50 retest..
somehow i knew the only little window to short this strength would come around lunch time...tough time to trade as u said...i like the 22.5-23.5 (2x ib and near the rth all time highs) area...we came a bit short so not in this one, and heading for to u later
nice bracket low test though for those who took that