ES Tuesday 10-22-13

currently there is a single print in the overnight at the selling tail extreme of YD day session...noticed after i finished the if you take fades then watch for the retest of 42 as a target here in the O/N session,,,,

here is todays video
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-22-13.swf

here is what I mean about single print..just made it quick..go get em !!

No video below? Try this link: tuesday_part_two.swf

into the plus 4 - 5.5 zone would be a possible short but don't see anything yet for me
trying from 49.50...volume showing up at 49 even.....aggressive trade
trying for 47 but I am not convinced this is the top with those crappy highs up above...will take multiple stabs up here
trying agin from 51......that 49 is a magnet so would prefer it a bit higher....better reward from higher to use 49 as target...ideally above 52.50
average price in is 52.75...trying for 8 - 10 zone is 52 - 54 !!
I've become a scalper again...and it's not working..yikes !!!...this is a nice uptrend for those who aren't fighting the train like myself
I had to lighten part of this up at 51.50.......averaging in is ok if you have a uncle point....I had 3 small losses so taking some off to clean up losses from other failed campaigns...low volume at 51.75 and a volume node at that will make or break the rest of this....I would expect some kind of try at the highs even if it only goes half way back to the tops.....although I'd like it to just rollover and keep selling this campaign so far has made me only slightly positive today
most days we break an IB It wouldn't be wise to hold for too long on this to take more off up front...and try to hold only small...49 was last place volume came in and 49.50 is another LVN if lucky but I think they are just as likely to try for the highs again
that's it for me at 49.50 and 46.75 and that was just clue from here...thank you Mr. Pitbull !!...this is possible support point if there is any
I never get moves like that.....maybe once or twice a month...usually runners fail miserably
oh man...look at that reaction off the single print and yesterdays selling tail...see post one from today or the videos for reference........and with all that babble, I missed any try at the longs.......this is just too funny...but what a reaction....a real thing of beauty