ES Tuesday 10-22-13

currently there is a single print in the overnight at the selling tail extreme of YD day session...noticed after i finished the if you take fades then watch for the retest of 42 as a target here in the O/N session,,,,

here is todays video
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-22-13.swf

here is what I mean about single print..just made it quick..go get em !!

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Nicely done, Bruce!
What about that breakout around 9:53 or so that left a big gap or air pocket that the shorts are now attempting to fill in?
very hard when we don't have previous chart point references to i went to pitbull and was watching volume spikes more closely today....and also holding Lucky horseshoe!!....lucky sellers should get back to IBb low and that volume at 43.75
that's why I had that as a final target Sharks....we never know when they will come back in to try and rebuy I use them as targets......if you look at all 5 minute air pockets they were my targets......I don't mentioned them as much because most prefer the term I'm trying to stay hip to the current lingo !'s much harder to trade when we are making new high I said there just aren't previous reference points to look back upon...some will turn to the cash market which can work if you don't mind watching too many things
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Nicely done, Bruce!
oh man...look at that reaction off the single print and yesterdays selling tail...see post one from today or the videos for reference........and with all that babble, I missed any try at the longs.......this is just too funny...but what a reaction....a real thing of beauty