ES Monday 10-28-13

here are my about 4 minutes in I meant to say "Buy" into the 49 - 50 area...but said sell....

52 - 53.75 is critical on this test down in the overnight and a support zone...a weak pop up in price may see price roll over back towards the 49 area....otherwise the buyers should try to push it out above 56 and try to get it to 58 for day session open.....this my only prediction for today...just gonna play the levels as they hit in the day session. I always prefer to see us open and travel to a level but these small ranges don't leave much travel room and having a line at every 2 - 3 points makes it much more difficult

Best sells today come if we can push out fridays highs into the 58 and/or 61 - 62 .....if you sell the 58 then use the 53.75 as a first target...if you sell the 61 - 62 then use the 58 area as a target

BEST buys come if we open above and drop down into the 52 - 53.75 especially if we haven't yet broken fridays highs or the Overnight midpoint...buys at the 49 - 50 is more aggressive but I will try will smaller contracts...if we blow through the 49 - 50 without much trouble then we can look at better buys near 46.50 and use the 49 as a target
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I got here late 9:07 and 21 people have already view you Bruce
cool Rburns...I should also mentioned that daily pivot is at 1752 !!...I'd really prefer to see the push up first above fridays highs into our 58 number for the sells......opening right inside the 52 - 53.75 will make things more difficult as we won't really know if they will want that 58 or the 49 I am probably not going to do anything until 52 prints or 57 prints.....
sure is looking like they want to go back to Fridays VA and get the O/N low
very hard to try buys when that On low is close buy so going small in here
a trade back to 52.25 will have me stop and reverse to short...otherwise seeing if I can get Fridays highs......
trying to target one tic under fridays highs...that is a devil of a zone and once aging u can see how trading with probabilities can really mess with your head
if we print 56.75 then I get interested in looking for shorts...otherwise I have nothing happening now...I will also watch if we also get back under 53.75 for clues that our first support zone may be breaking down....I really don't like that as a support zone a second time
on the 57.50... but think they may pop a bit higher...any shorts from this zone need to watch 55.75
first 30 minute high matched fridays highs so we have potential single prints at Fridays highs...i would have prefered this test up came first today instead of happening after all that back and forth trade below in our other zone
best fill is 55...this is my VPOC developing.......but more important is that it's todays midpoint....I don't want to see this back in selling tail up at 57 ...lets see if we can go get that 53.75 and lower...still no O/N range and now we also have no IB range guess is that whatever Ib range breaks that will probably lead to the Overnight range xtreme run.......but just using the zones and trying not to think TOO much
I have a 64 # number showing in 2 places on the upside