ES Friday 11-1-13

Most important number to me is last weeks high and overnight high 55.75 - 56.25....many will be watching to see if bulls can keep closing above that high and bears want to close it below on a weekly basis...

49- 51 is big volume zone and probably still a good buy zone....under there is 46.50...

above I have 58.75 which is POC from yesterday...then I like the 62 and above 65 - 66 area

I like 53.50 as a magnet price and that is also the VA low based on sells at the O/N high will try to get to the 53.50....sells at 58.75 will try to get to 56...sells at 62 will try to get to 58.75

buys at the big zone of 49 - 51 will also use 53.50

buys at 46.50 will use 49 as the target..

basic plan.....very small O/N range so far as I type

reports at 10 a.m
unfortunately my sell went right into the O/N high and then I got stopped slight above the developing VPOC at 57.25
going to try one last set of shorts from the 61 - 62 zone
taking something off at 59 front of yesterday POC just in case and to make up for last campaign
VA high from yesterday was 60.75 so even though I liked the 62 number I made a zone from 61 - 62
target if lucky on runners next is 57.50
the only thing I don't like is I have a gap in the data at 59.50...can anyone confirm
took 56.25 and holding one to try for 1754.50...not sure if my VA low or Nicks VPoc will be the ulimate target so will try to get out at first one down there
that went fast...I actually got filled on final at 53.75....where was Overnight midpoint...? example of market orders that can work in your favor
that's gonna be it for me today.....a good example today of why it is better to create zones of confluence between the traditional world of market profile and the evolving world of Volume profiling
sure looks like they are gonna monkey with that high of last week some more...that 55.75...good luck from here..if they can firm up that VA low then we should push back out last weeks highs again , the 57.50 and if that gap is real then may even see it back to 59.50 sometime later....
the major flaw in my upside logic is this :

We started on the bear side of a bell curve today, then rallied up , took out the center of the bell into a lower volume spot above , then we dropped back down through it as if the center of the bell wasn't even there.....and now we seem to be having some trouble at the original lower edge....the 55.75 - I don't think it woud be a very easy drive up even if it does happen...seems like a lower probability