ES Thursday 12-5-13

Quite the day yesterday. Just a wee bit of volatility. I only got one shot off, just before I was going to shut down for the lunch hour and it turned into a loser. I took the long after the big run-up and a pullback to one of my supports. It failed, I move on.

I have a different 30 minute chart today. It has the same levels from yesterday on that TOS chart but it has a little larger date range. Most of these levels are derived from identifying LVMs and closely associated swings. I apologize that it's fairly compressed, it encompasses all session data back to 11/18/13.Of interest to me is the 8850 level (one time LVM) now POC of this time frame, showing significant support IMO. I think the chart also shows the current bell between 9600 and 8150. Also interesting, to me, is that through yesterdays volatility we returned to that 92 area. A little more news to come out this morning to make it interesting I'm sure.
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es 30 min 12 5 13
ROFL! I know!,but youcould have tried a small long at 1786.00, it was inthe lower band and was equality (almost always good for 2 handles minimum..
gotta run for a bit .. see you later
Take care thanks for the input as always
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equality is 1786.00 and 261.8 about 2 handles 1784.00
Well there's your 8400
Missed my opportunity. They had trouble pushing above 8850. And after that second push it dropped off too fast. Usually I'd be resting there at 88-8825 but I was asleep at the switch. So today I will back away and possibly return this afternoon to see what's up. Good luck to anyone hanging around.