ES Thursday 12-5-13

Quite the day yesterday. Just a wee bit of volatility. I only got one shot off, just before I was going to shut down for the lunch hour and it turned into a loser. I took the long after the big run-up and a pullback to one of my supports. It failed, I move on.

I have a different 30 minute chart today. It has the same levels from yesterday on that TOS chart but it has a little larger date range. Most of these levels are derived from identifying LVMs and closely associated swings. I apologize that it's fairly compressed, it encompasses all session data back to 11/18/13.Of interest to me is the 8850 level (one time LVM) now POC of this time frame, showing significant support IMO. I think the chart also shows the current bell between 9600 and 8150. Also interesting, to me, is that through yesterdays volatility we returned to that 92 area. A little more news to come out this morning to make it interesting I'm sure.
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es 30 min 12 5 13
15 minute RTH from the close yesterday, the afternoon long off the keltner was a nice trade... All the same levels are still in play this morning...

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es 12 13 15 min 1242013
I would tend to be a seller at 97-98 and a buyer at 81.. dont forget the seasonals tho!
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es 12 13 30 min 1252013
It will be interesting to see after the 10:00 am report. So far good news is bad. I still have that 8150 as support. And I'm curious to see how strong 9200 is
So far they have tested the O/N Mid and reversed to take out the O/N low, but we are still in value, albeit a large one due to YD volatility.
Interesting to me is that this last initial move from 1785.00 to 1781.50 gives equality at 1798.00, but thats a long way from here yet
9200 hit, where does it go from here
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es 12 13 10 min 1252013
equality is 1786.00 and 261.8 about 2 handles 1784.00
Too bad I didn't know that at 9200
Missed my opportunity. They had trouble pushing above 8850. And after that second push it dropped off too fast. Usually I'd be resting there at 88-8825 but I was asleep at the switch. So today I will back away and possibly return this afternoon to see what's up. Good luck to anyone hanging around.