ES Thursday 1-16 -14

heres my basic plan...good luck today !!
No video below? Try this link: Thursday_1-16.swf

taking small long off 38.25 in O/N session...strong feeling about the 40 retest and possible 42......keeping in mind I had a 36 target that failed me yesterday !

hopefully they won't go for the 36 first but will manage in RTH
all out at at 40.25..that was O/N midpoint to the tic
Good start Bruce off the O/N...
if i was a quicker and a better trader I could have reversed to short at that key zone......but we gotta be satisfied
You did mention that in your video
thanks sharks..I will look for longs if we get under O/N lows and yesterdays lows...the closer to 34 the better to limit risk...hopefully they will show us some clues down here...only other option is to see if we can get some firm up in price above yesterdays buying tail edge at 38.50 to try for new highs and back into that 42.... that is more aggressive...but i will probably try small longs at 36 and 34 if these sellers have and energy in them
chasing small long at 36.75...this may be the fake out and they will still push to that 36 number and lower...may be fooled here
developing low volume spot at 38.75 is target...not convinced this is the low yet though
Watching 35.50 to 35.25 mid point of gap few days ago, time POC, an HVN on a composite chart. Down to 34.25 as well, just some ideas.
mistake made: I should have taken something off at 38.50...the edge of yesterdays buying tail.....probably gonna cost me
thanks Duck...I'm gonna just stick to the first 90 minutes or less for awhile ...just got stopped out on last runner...I usually don't like to chase but when I saw price firm up once yesterdays lows and the O/N low was run I thought it was worth a try...I think they are still watching that single print from yesterday with 38.50 as it's edge...need to hold above there still.......the reality for me now is there are just too many numbers in this 38.50 - 40 not really sure what to expect...and my motto of "the first test is the best test" is already done...

we could just be shaping up to another neutral day which I would consider yesterday to be...sometimes it is just too confusing to even trade.....

logically we are unable to hold above yesterdays VA lows so value is building many will expect us to sell off and go break to new lows....too much chop for me and I'm not sure if logic will help us today....good luck if you stay and play