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ES Thursday 1-23-14

a static chart for those who want to just quickly see some levels and a video for those who want to know why I am looking at those usual it all depends on which side of the levels we open at.....opening under 29- 30 has us watching to see if that becomes resistance for example......only unclear level is that 33.....not sure why the poc and vpoc are currently there except that splits our two key areas right down the that may be interesting
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video here
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

basic plan is to see on what side of the 29 - 30 zone we open.......will we drop down to it and get long to target that 33 first ?...will we open under it and then try sells on a retest from below ?.....since the 33 is in a LVN zone from Tuesday and an overnight POC we can sell that from below too but for me that would be much I am murky on that area......I'd prefer to sell above the 35 - 37 zone and then use the 33 as a target.......

buying at 26 would target the 29 - 30...buying the 24 needs to get out quicker at 26 as we know the only zone below there is down at 21...
this volume coming in at 19.25 seems to be telling us something so I need to jump back in...for the 21.25 test at least...thought this would happen later...plan is to buy here and at 17.75 if needed....keeping it all small...
taking something at 21 print to make up for last loss..
still no bracket test i expect it to push out that 24...they are close...I wouldn't wait for it...they know where everybody to just cover and move on from here
u don't see three 30 minute highs matching in the middle of the range expect 23.25 to be broken....but when ?? c ya
tell me somebody was able to take the 24's out of the market.........nobody here......13 - 15 was a key area........and they took the bracket test from that point........I think I'm on my own and need to join a chat room myself ......ha !!
Originally posted by BruceM

u don't see three 30 minute highs matching in the middle of the range expect 23.25 to be broken....but when ?? c ya
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