ES Friday 1-24-14

Key sell areas...on an open below 1816.50 - 18 and 1820
see video for reasons

key support zone will be 1807 - 1809

I think 1813 is our magnet price and hoping they open and drive lower first.....we usually don't see two gap and go days in a I don't expect an open and drive lower to continue and not come back through the OPEN print

I am hoping to find buys...overnight vpoc has flipped down to that and the 1813 makes a key area to watch surprise were yesterday low is

High probability we go test up into the 1816 zone today so looking for buys early on until that happens

here is video if some want more info later
No video below? Try this link: Friday_1-24-14.swf

I'm going to be looking for longs under 1811 and then will also try under 09.....for the 13 retest....11 is edge of a day session buying tail...lower edge of a bell some may try to find support there but won't be aggressive until if we get under 09.
starting longs at plan is to start light and add under 07 if it prints and go in heavier there......we know tyey may want to run On low so another reason to go in light with that low so close will be 1811 on any longside first
added at will need to be 09 first due to add on ....
this is gonna be an interesting point...if support is gonna show up then this is the place it needs to happen...otherwise we will be under water..gonna keep a tight watch on this one....don't want to be LOng and WRong so early on a friday......gotta get back above O/N lows ...
they may do another test down but hopefully they won't...came out heavy at 09.50...trying to hold measly runners for 11, 13 and if real lucky 16.....they may need to work on this zone a bit.....this will be only campaign today and if they come back to 06.50 then the runners are done......will pull up stop if I can get that 11 target.....then pull up stop on last two....then if I can get the 13 I will pull up stop on last runner that is trying for that 16....

so that is how i plan to manage my 3 measly runners

last two runners stopped out at 09.25....good luck from here....can't keep posting to myself
Thanks for sharing, Bruce. You played that first bounce nicely!
good trrading bruce..have good weekend..i feel now we r headed to your 16 number
long 3.75 pit number
thanks gang,,,,,not sure about my 16 number...they are stuck at lower edge of bell ( see video) that had the 1813 as it's center and so far they can't seem to get back to that....sure seems to imply weekness and bonces off the lower edge of the lower zone ( the 07) are showing less buyers on swings back that isn't good
beautiful single fill for those who held ...I gotta run...c ya