ES Friday 1-24-14

Key sell areas...on an open below 1816.50 - 18 and 1820
see video for reasons

key support zone will be 1807 - 1809

I think 1813 is our magnet price and hoping they open and drive lower first.....we usually don't see two gap and go days in a I don't expect an open and drive lower to continue and not come back through the OPEN print

I am hoping to find buys...overnight vpoc has flipped down to that and the 1813 makes a key area to watch surprise were yesterday low is

High probability we go test up into the 1816 zone today so looking for buys early on until that happens

here is video if some want more info later
No video below? Try this link: Friday_1-24-14.swf

next zone below IF anybody is actually trading anymore is 93 - 95....assuming they sell off, which may be a big ASS - umption !..then 87 - 89 would be below there
single print level from 12-19 is 97.75 ...current low is 97.25....
always cool how a HVN or LVN on a longer time frame can match up with a smaller time frame....cools stuff sharks..
Originally posted by sharks57

Looking for support around 1798.75 area. HVN on a composite chart, I've seen where prices will work past these zones but they generally hold up. Looking for context along with this zone...
Thx Bruce, Im getting chopped up in here..
Watching 94.75 an LVN on a composite chart for support...
well, had to try a small long lunchtime trade trade off 94.75..two sets of singles on the chart above
took one at 97.25....will try on last to get that single print to fill in up at 99 but will exit at 98.75 if lucky
Nice Bruce, I took a B/E trade and didn't renter on the retest
the low of 12- 19 was at 1795 and the VA high from 12-18 was 1793...hence my zone of 93 - 95..just exited at 98.25 print...not gonna be more of a pig.....that really is it for me now...and that single is just too close
thanks Shark..this stuff is real hard sometimes...I usually will try up to three times on a zone but after the second try my confidence plummets......especially if I have taken two small losses in a row....even though I know I only need that one 2- 3 point win to make up for the losses.
beautiful single fill for those who held ...I gotta run...c ya