ES Friday 2-7-14

very volatile post report this morning....we had no test of Overnight midpoint yesterday which usually has me thinking they will test that today in rth....single print area ( selling tail)from monday is most important so that 72.25 - 74 area is critical...then 79 - 80 above...........still 30 minutes to open so just watch the levels....big volume at Mondays highs into that 79 - 80......above there is 84 - 85 to watch..

below is 64.75 - 66.25 as another magnet area...I don't like how yesterday afternoon trade looks in general..agressive traders will be trying to sell the 79 - 80 after 9 a.m..

here are some charts......
Click image for original size

and part of the MP chart at upper prices

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Nice trading, Bruce. Thanks for sharing with us and have a great weekend.
thanks...they still missed O/N midpoint by one tic so if you get a good short signal than new lows will get that midpoint
here is a quick recap on zones.......just helps refine what I was thinking ....for anyone who is interested in the zones, selling tails etc
No video below? Try this link: parting_babble.swf

Thx Bruce nice Video and great explanation
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...I would attach a picture if I was better at this.

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