ES Tuesday 2/25/14

Good morning. I'm still looking at that 4600 number as a critical bull/bear line this morning. We tested it a couple of times O/N and got pushed back. I also have a t pivot right at that number and the VAL from yesterday is just below at 4500. So we either saw a spike above value and we have reentered the range or they will try again to push above. Will we open in value or not?? We are flirting with that now 9:08 est. Good luck all.
thanks Bkay....this isn't bragging but it is not uncommon after a day that does a gap and go or an open/drive that us faders do very well..I think it's just the alternation process at we trend early one day and then don't trend the next day........but most times we DON'T trend off the the odds are in our favor to fade early in the session
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Nice trade this morning Bruce, you nailed it
I've notice when big volume comes in you get pushes in 2.5 I have volume flow in at 38.75 ..with 2.5 and 5 points off them the most common
Probably best now to see if any structure sets up (for me)
i won't be surprised to see a 42 retest again but I think there isn't any low risk entry points...
Pretty quick there too
with last weeks high at 44.50 they just tried to run it out again....seems likely that we may just consolidate inside the IB around that 42...that was also the second rejection of YD VA low.....just edge anymore for me and the Ib is completing .......I think it will be higher risk to fade the VA low if it breaks...seems like it would be better to go with the trade break down if it comes.....
this is 3 tpo's wide under last weeks theory that implies acceptance UNDER that low......I don't like ANY of it...I'll be sidelined...good luck from here
Nothing on my RADAR. Small loss earlier, may just sit back and watch a while, knock off early and check this afternoon. Lately I've been restricted to only trading on Mon and Tues (other commitments). So sometimes I try to squeeze as much out of it as possible. Not a good thing, I really have to try to keep it on a tight leash.
gonna attempt small sells above the IB high at 49.25 , 51 and 52 ...these will be three separate small tries...value is building lower than yesterday will be IB high as this is small...don't want to give much back if i have the wrong read up here
on first try now...this will might be a series of small stop outs and re entry..filled at 49.50..trying for 47.75...we may have to wait for this period to close if time framing is the risk on any of these and out of my prefered time window ....
I refreshed my data and there is no double top at the highs...just an FYI if somebody was trying for that high