ES Tuesday 2/25/14

Good morning. I'm still looking at that 4600 number as a critical bull/bear line this morning. We tested it a couple of times O/N and got pushed back. I also have a t pivot right at that number and the VAL from yesterday is just below at 4500. So we either saw a spike above value and we have reentered the range or they will try again to push above. Will we open in value or not?? We are flirting with that now 9:08 est. Good luck all.
revising my plan just a bit...gonna leave this on and add at 51.50...again keeping it all small....there may be some cleanup work to do...don't want to see this too far beyond a loss point even though I have other areas are above,,,yesterday was very sloppy
I'm with on this Bruce to a degree. was waiting for 52 to 53 but trying earlier. Shorted 48.75 now trying again at 50.25.
I'm playing off a momemtum divergence as well.

Are we trying for the single print area at 48.00? Or trying for 46.25? Those are just questions
I exited early, see what happens
I took this off at 48 even and didn't wait till 47.75 print for two reasons....1) they filled in the potential single prints and 2) we have double tpo's at the highs that I never trust up against our next key number near 51...not much, but better than losing
holding one for 46.50 retest again but a test of 49.25 now will stop this out..
I'm just a wussy and won't hold on now look at it.
only one ...lets see if they can test that swing high AGAIN
that's it for me...flat at 46.50 print and nothing working....nice little trade as value still lower than yesterday
nice assessment Bruce and persistence pays off
I refreshed my data and there is no double top at the highs...just an FYI if somebody was trying for that high