ES Tuesday 2/25/14

Good morning. I'm still looking at that 4600 number as a critical bull/bear line this morning. We tested it a couple of times O/N and got pushed back. I also have a t pivot right at that number and the VAL from yesterday is just below at 4500. So we either saw a spike above value and we have reentered the range or they will try again to push above. Will we open in value or not?? We are flirting with that now 9:08 est. Good luck all.
A poor response here could get us to that 3450-3500 level
On the 3850 short
Will come off at 1st target 3650 and try for 3500
final for me is at 38.75...lots of volume here and I have no clue which way they really want to bring it but we have double tpo's under last weeks that may be good for those trying for that 34 area...good luck if you are in this still
all sellers want this to get 2.5 points under that 38.75 and quickly otherwise this may be buyers...a failure to get that far below that volume is not good for shorts
I agree, wanted to see it hold below the 40 line. Took the loss
they may want a 42 retest......don't think I'm doing anything from here...they can still make this an inside day...
I've got all the volume coming in now at 4075
Nice trade this morning Bruce, you nailed it
looks like the single print transition point at 42 will be the real key as we go forward now..
I refreshed my data and there is no double top at the highs...just an FYI if somebody was trying for that high