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ES Monday 3-3-14

here is video of the zones but If u don't have time then I've typed them out


1852 - 54

1845 - 47.50

1841- 42

1836 - 37


1825- 27.50

No video below? Try this link: monday_zones.swf

flat now at final target....stuck inside the zones...we know if buyers step back up then they will push to 45 and higher...failure here will see them push for the 36 - 37 and lower...just simple areas of interest
Nice hit Bruce, was surprised 48.50 area held as resistance, wasn't sure if last week VPOC would holdback prices.
lots of volume flowing into 41 - 42 and price can't lift so far...not a great sign for bulls down here....first test is the best test and we tested this zone on the open print
yeah...same here.....that zone was just too wide....I took three shorts above 45.....and the first short was a loser.......didn't post that entry as it was too fast and lost too next two shorts I came out heavy and quick and then just got lucky with final runners on last short...
Originally posted by sharks57

Nice hit Bruce, was surprised 48.50 area held as resistance, wasn't sure if last week VPOC would holdback prices.
skew of the IB is down which implies the Ib low will get broken first.........the thing that messes that up is when/ if we get a VPOC flip to the lows before the break happens....that makes skew to the upside........
as I typed that the skew flipped so now that imples that the IB highs will get broken stuff
long on 41.25...not risking more than .75 on this trade...will try to get to 45 and IB high
took 2 points and stop is at entry ...
I used vwap as first target and looks like runners willl be stopped
another test of vwap had me close this out at 43.50
thanks Sharks...this new increase in size has me watching more of the flips in delta but since this was luchtime I was keeping this small...but still just using market orders as I don't care if I miss out on a tic or two ...I need to know I am in the market....just one less thing to think about during a trade campaign
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