ES Monday 3-3-14

here is video of the zones but If u don't have time then I've typed them out


1852 - 54

1845 - 47.50

1841- 42

1836 - 37


1825- 27.50

No video below? Try this link: monday_zones.swf

Originally posted by bkay59

Happy Monday all. I'm around to bug you for a couple days. From a bigger picture perspective is a shot of the weekly profile. I posted it last week with that red line at the 4600 level. The lower blue line shows the low of last week (actually the O/N low going into last Monday) at the 2900 area. This line also coincides with the VAL from the previous week and the VAH from the week before that. So I think 2900ish will be a critical area as we see how things play out. More to come I'm sure

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es weekly 3 3 14

thanks for moving Bkay over and it would have worked to move ME over as he was first thanks bkay and thanks DT for cleaning up the threads...I made a mistake and will have to widen upper resitance zone to 45 - include last weeks VPO/poc...lets get em today
Thanks for combining us up DT.
short on 48.50...
if we can't back under 45 then runners will get stopped and good odds they will try for over 51 !
we need this 45 to crack and then we have a chance to go get 41 retest...not convinced yet...don't trust 45
current vpoc is right under that 48.75 VPOC from here is the battle line now..this is a crowded area
trying once more on shorts from 48.75 but need this to get under 46.75 quickly
target on final runners is 41.50 but they still may be toying with Fridays low...hope not
hard stop at 47.75. on runners...too much chop for me to manage actively...
thanks Sharks...this new increase in size has me watching more of the flips in delta but since this was luchtime I was keeping this small...but still just using market orders as I don't care if I miss out on a tic or two ...I need to know I am in the market....just one less thing to think about during a trade campaign