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ES Tuesday 3-4-14

here's how I have it...the upper lines haven't changed much since yesterday and we can add 2.5, 5 and then 10 points to last weeks highs to come up with some possible points to trade off of...If they can push to 69 then that would be a good possible fade point above last weeks highs....mark off 1/2 gap fill take todays open and yesterdays close and know where 50 % of that falls...just in case

support points if we open above them will be 58 - 60 and then 53- 55.50......we need to watch 63.50 - 64.25 closely for clues too
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

I agree's like a scap-a-thon in here...hate that...I have full confidence that my runners at 71.25 will get taken ...ha !!
flat at 70 now..Ticks hit a plus 600 and I have a feeling that new highs may be coming
sold 71.50 last try..nice divergence up here 68.75 in a flash..beautiful volume, CD and tick divergence...c'mno keep going !!!
66.50 is last target
that's it for now...this is VA low low and last weeks high......some cool context from internals today
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