ES Tuesday 3-4-14

here's how I have it...the upper lines haven't changed much since yesterday and we can add 2.5, 5 and then 10 points to last weeks highs to come up with some possible points to trade off of...If they can push to 69 then that would be a good possible fade point above last weeks highs....mark off 1/2 gap fill take todays open and yesterdays close and know where 50 % of that falls...just in case

support points if we open above them will be 58 - 60 and then 53- 55.50......we need to watch 63.50 - 64.25 closely for clues too
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

I watched your video, I took it off early few tics to the good
stopped out....will take one last try but will need to see 72.50 print with CD and tick diverging we make new highs
damn..another double top
Trying to short 70.75
Hoping to get a momemtum break to the downside, prices are stubborn today.
Got stopped on that spike up
trying again from 71.25 butthis TRIPLE top is a big concern....
Sometimes your trade could be right but the market says gotcha.. Risk vs Reward
taking this off at 69.50...this is Volume VA high and so close to that 70...can't see this running further down...but will still try for current vpoc at 68.50 on measly runners
Done for the day. Thanks for your opinions today Bruce
that's it for now...this is VA low low and last weeks high......some cool context from internals today