ES Tuesday 3-4-14

here's how I have it...the upper lines haven't changed much since yesterday and we can add 2.5, 5 and then 10 points to last weeks highs to come up with some possible points to trade off of...If they can push to 69 then that would be a good possible fade point above last weeks highs....mark off 1/2 gap fill take todays open and yesterdays close and know where 50 % of that falls...just in case

support points if we open above them will be 58 - 60 and then 53- 55.50......we need to watch 63.50 - 64.25 closely for clues too
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

all that was fun...if you look at my chart you will see that the red line had a gap in data right at 67.50....can't expect too much else from here as we know last weeks high is nearby...this was small to begin with but the context seemed to help hold that longer than normal......and we are late today...It's past 11 !!
out 67.25 finally
vpoc flipped to the highs...hopefully further selling is coming
will try to hold one runner for 65.25 but another test of 69.25 will stop this out now
went flat t 68.25...don't like that top....
gonna watch the run of double top closely...see if Ticks come on board on a breakout or if this is just a fake out.....looks like we may break this top on less CD and low tick readings
short from 71.50 tight stop
gonna look one last time up above 71.50 as so far Ticks aren't showing aggressive buyers yet...perhaps they are delayed...I want to see if this is just people covering losses on when they are done buying back we can take the fade...if we can get something going then we can target the 70 retest... ..many willuse 2 - 2.5 points off a double top as an uncle 71.50 - 72.50 would be thee spot
with ya sharks but I am a bit late to this...
I got filled at I was too busy typing..Ticks making new lows again....strange day !!...covered at 70...tiny win..I'd like to see this retest 68.75 but so far this is a confused picture again...all these minus 400 ticks eventually get bought up as price diverges so I will assume that this short won't last long
that's it for now...this is VA low low and last weeks high......some cool context from internals today