ES Tuesday 3-4-14

here's how I have it...the upper lines haven't changed much since yesterday and we can add 2.5, 5 and then 10 points to last weeks highs to come up with some possible points to trade off of...If they can push to 69 then that would be a good possible fade point above last weeks highs....mark off 1/2 gap fill take todays open and yesterdays close and know where 50 % of that falls...just in case

support points if we open above them will be 58 - 60 and then 53- 55.50......we need to watch 63.50 - 64.25 closely for clues too
No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

selling 66.75 now...64.75 will be target
tick and volume diverging but still won't drop...all ticks above zero so fades are harder..still think 64.75 will get tested
coming out heavy at vwap and developing VPOV...64.75 !!...this is also fridays VA highs as per volume...buyers may defend
I agreed with your sell point, didn't get filled there, glad your target worked.
sorry you didn't get filled Sharks....I thought that was a bit conflicted because even though Ticks, CD and volume all diverged as price went higher it was having some trouble dropping and at that time most Tick reading were above they still have some work to do to figure out a true direction for today..

I'd prefer them to not have a third tpo print outside of last weeks basically I'll be watching were we are once 10:30 rolls around ...seems like this 64.75 - 65 will help us decide that too...being below both at 10:30 should be good for shorts...we'll see.....
vpoc flip to 67...if this is real buyers they will try to push to 69.50 and 71...our better sell zones I think...hard to play when making all time highs as we don't have good reference from previous days and have to count on too much developing action
gonna try a small sell at 67...still seeing divergences up here..problem with this is that I'm selling right into vpoc and last weeks high can create so much noise..
keeping it small..a bad time with news in the world to try and increase size
taking the loss at 67.50.....forgot about the time..too close to IB closing
selling 69.25 and will also try at 71.50 ..not giving us much to work with today
that's it for now...this is VA low low and last weeks high......some cool context from internals today