ES Friday 6-6-14

Lets remember D-day today and all those who gave up so much for us to have freedom.

Here is my video ramble.....standard stuff but go off about the 30 minute closes for those interested...I will be watching to see where the first 30 minute close happens today........and usually we don't see three sets of single prints stay in the market unfilled for very I expect some sellers to show up to at least try to break under 36.50 I type market is trying to rally again so I'm also using 44 - 46 as a says why...

as usual I will try to get out heavy at first targets if we open above YD highs then my shorts if any will try to target that PD high...then the poc and close at 38 area first one minute if we open out of value too

No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

Thx Bruce. Interesting stuff about the 30 minute. I have noticed that there is often more movement at the end of these periods. When I get a chance I need to do some studies around these 30 minute periods.
great Ackwired....I seems as if big traders position based on a longer time frame and not every zig and zag in the market...I remember Borsolino use to babble on about the highest and lowest 30 minute closes of each day we can think about buying and selling tails and that concept...

Your insight seems correct and perhaps maybe folks with big money don't want to watch every little move and every 30 minute close is more their speed so they decide based on those closing times
I'm starting to hunt the short side up at 45...will only try twice up here and will watch if we get a 30 minute close ABOVE that O/N high////they may need to push to the plus 4 at 46.75...but hope will be 43 as VPOC is there
if we get lucky on this then secondary target is YD high...Overnight midpoint is there too
Vpoc just flipped to highs of the day ..44.75 ..near the R1 level as per it gets interesting
triples at the highs
I think this is all high risk as we have not even been able to get back inside YD range and gapped above all my fades are smaller as chance of being wrong is higher the longer we stay out of that range and the closer we get to the 10 am close...
I'm on second try short at 46.50...trying to get that volume at 44.50...first trade took .75 pt loss...
ideally us shorts would want to see 10:30 close under the Overnight high
plus 4 was 46.75 today !!
Thx Bruce. Enjoy the weekend.