ES Friday 6-13-14

how I see it...hoping to target the midpoint and the 1922 today....doesn't matter to me which side of it we open...that midpoint is a big magnet and I hope we can use it today and have some room to take a trade and get at least 1.5 points of profit....
No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

starting early shorts at 25.75 in O/N but for anyone watching I am prepared to go as high as 28.75 if needed......I want that midpoint and am not afraid to fail on a high probability trade idea....!!
poc of O/N is right at YD close so I'm using that as a big scale point first
that sure was purdy !! here's how it looked.....the "B" period on the right is current days first the left is the O/N session.....little white mark between green vertical line ( the value area of time) denotes the midpoint of the overnight session...but most probably know that's for those who may stumble here for the first time today...

here is a picture
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an open and drive off the single prints that divided the double distribution day and daily best fill is that 22...trying to hold a runner for the O/N low...
terrific comments, ... I understood everything.

Thanks for posting and explaining.
Nice analysis and foresight Bruce
right on Guys...!! glad u followed the logic to that one....
my runner got stopped at 22 once we got back in value area of hunting longs for that poor O/N high
We had a major VPOC of the 6/4 and 6/5 profile at 1919.50 which held up prices now seem to be one time framing higher
full moon going up! :-)
ES low on Thursday was on the weekly s1 classic pivot pivot and the high on Friday was at the weekly pivot point, #pivotpower