ES Monday 6-30-14

expecting end of month and friday strength to carry over today.....bullish spike area and Fridays POC is critical explains the rest ...good luck today...with the weekly and daily pivot sitting at 49.50 I think it would be safer to see that print first on any open above that price before thinking about the longside
No video below? Try this link: monday.swf

Ok thanks Bruce, i will go back over the last few videos , ( was looking @ the o/n as my timezone is more favourable for it, but so far i have found it difficult at best to successfully trade.... thanks again, Brent.t
btw I really appreciate your efforts thru here, I will keep watching and learning from you and the handful of other contributors on here......
Im shooting a long from 5525, purely based on what has been discussed. Needs to hold above Friday hi to work otherwise just chop.
So no rapid short covering or anything like that, sign #1. Holding above Fri, so far, but that wasn't really the idea. So we'll see. And I was almost gone LOL.
Still hopeful that the sellers that were there were not able to push us back into Friday.
I hope it keeps going for ya Bkay.I really do ...the only concern I have is that we had big bars on the most recent break from Fridays highs ( on 5 minute) and then the bars just shrunk....I'm certainly not telling ya how to trade etc...just pointing that out as it isn't a great sign for longside...sorry to bud in on your trade
No worries there Bruce, your comments are always appreciated. As we type they got the push back into the 53's so I'm out. This wasn't a big trade by any means, Just an Idea that never bore fruit. That's the danger of hanging around too long to see if something might happen. All in a day's work.