ES Monday 6-30-14

expecting end of month and friday strength to carry over today.....bullish spike area and Fridays POC is critical explains the rest ...good luck today...with the weekly and daily pivot sitting at 49.50 I think it would be safer to see that print first on any open above that price before thinking about the longside
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it's very hard for me to not assume that 49.50 is still going to print...I wanted swift rejection into that single print and then the new highs above fridays highs quickly ......not this back and forth crap...that is suspicious to me even if it does imply acceptance of the spike... we will be getting a 10 am close above those singles so that is bullish//

so the conflict will make me wait to see if I can find another trade idea ..I just can't shake the confluence of a weekly and daily pivot both forming at 49.50 to the tic....!
thanks for some reason when I did a refresh on the data I get the same now......seems my MD doesn't grab that open print right away...appreciate it...
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fwiw i have today's open at 52 Bruce
gonna look for the short idea at 56 - 56.75 ..3 tpos there too from 6-24..single below on breakout from first 30 minutes
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shorted at 56.50 print and this is small..all the volume building at 55 needs to be a first target ..unfortunately....... 58.50 is a center spot I will watch
54.25 is secondary target if we get lucky but I never assume they just do one test into an obvious number like an R1 level
usually we see a test of a breakout point...Like yesterdays highs ......this 56.50 is first spot to use but I am concerned that they may try to shake out shorts... hope not
covered last at 54 ammo and a small campaign...I get interested in the 49.50 magnet if we can get a 30 minute close back under the hiigh from friday...otherwise I am probably done for today...If I had more ammo I would still be trying to hold shorts even though we may get some chop at Fridays highs
Well done again Bruce, that's two for two if my score card is correct. I liked the idea of that 5650-ish retest to get short. Even though I read your playbook from earlier, Still hard for me to jump on it. I was looking for some conviction from my charts for a short.
Paralysis from analysis perhaps?
No worries there Bruce, your comments are always appreciated. As we type they got the push back into the 53's so I'm out. This wasn't a big trade by any means, Just an Idea that never bore fruit. That's the danger of hanging around too long to see if something might happen. All in a day's work.