ES Monday 6-30-14

expecting end of month and friday strength to carry over today.....bullish spike area and Fridays POC is critical explains the rest ...good luck today...with the weekly and daily pivot sitting at 49.50 I think it would be safer to see that print first on any open above that price before thinking about the longside
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so far the On has been contained completely inside fridays range and the O/N poc/vpoc is at the close.of plan is to sell above the friday high through 56.50 and target that vpoc and close area if and only if we open and rally higher first...we must open above 49.50 and rally for me to have more confidence in the short fade above a fridays highs...otherwise it is best to look for longs mentioned in the zone below..

my better idea is to buy into weakness under the O/N midpoint which would put us into the single prints/ buying spike from friday....48.50 - 50.75 is my key support point and will also be looking to see if they can keep the 30 minute closes ABOVE that to keep long bias in tacting
starting longs at 50.75...I will be adding on a drop lower still...keeping it small up front...Ideal will be to see us get to that Friday vpoc an 49.50 pivot will be open print and Fridays highs
scaling at 53.....this is the open
Nice read on the opening salvo Bruce
no doubt in my mind that we will either print 56.50 and/ or 49.50 today...I'd like to see the 56.50 from here but an open in a spike can sometimes chop back and forth...especially in a low volume environment....important to get above that open and back and forth inside the spike implies acceptance of the spike but that is not a perfect concept....that open print is more important to me..
Right back to the O/N midpoint and a bounce after that 9:45 report, but would have liked to see some follow through up, hasn't happened yet.
went flat on runners at 52.25..I have no good read here and not getting through that open has me thinking that they may want that 49.50 print still..gotta wait to see from here...will probably try another buy under new lows if they come closer to poc etc
Support at the base of the spike, resistance just short of the O/N high, 3 point range, acceptance in the spike. A guy could get chopped to death in here :)
Another report at the top of the hour
fwiw i have today's open at 52 Bruce
No worries there Bruce, your comments are always appreciated. As we type they got the push back into the 53's so I'm out. This wasn't a big trade by any means, Just an Idea that never bore fruit. That's the danger of hanging around too long to see if something might happen. All in a day's work.