ES Thursday 7-10-14

a key look at the zones for today....biggest thing for me will be the Bell curve from 6- 27...early magnet ZONE for is 1948.50- 1950 as the VPOC of O/N is there too now....other key areas will be a zone from 1942 -44.50 which I am using as my key support zone.....if we start getting under there then I will be less tempted to general my plan is to buy into the O/N weakness after 9 a.m as we are printing 1945 as I type.....

here are VA's and POc's of various days...the areas where the magenta lines come close to the green lines are more important to me.. we have some nice bell curves that sit above the market too...the POC from the WEEK of 6-23 is at 48.50 bulls will need to get above and hold above there to have any chance today
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50.25 was last week's Low of the week
The O/N low might be taken out, because price is nearer O/N low @ 1945.25
Value is still building lower.
huge volume of sellers at 7/8 low of 52.75. In old days I would have put a BUY STOP 3 ticks above that...3 ticks above it. Now that I'm older I am too worried about having a heart attack because what if price just one ticked my Buy stop, got me long and reversed to plunge. LOL
done at 53.75...gotta go burn NRG day
There seems to be a persistent gap fill attempt going on: is this Bruce pushing the market?
Well done Bruce