ES Thursday 7-17-14

a few things that explains it faster than I can type .....67 should be the key to watch this a fader I prefer the buy side on gap lower opens.....70 - 71 will also be critical ...using two support points that are close by 64 - 65 and 61.50 - 62.50...explained on video...if longs are wrong then they should try to push down to 56 - 57 area today
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

s&p internals at -220 are not suggesting new highs imo, but that can change fast...
But today finally is an open drive...
Right guys?
flat 72.50....too close to report and holding in value
open test drive, yes

internals have been on a tear since the open....sp a/d opened at -350 and now at -150...if we cross zero with conviction then they might take that 78 area after, yes, it can change fast

Originally posted by Aladdin

But today finally is an open drive...
Right guys?

Thanks, apk.
You know I think see them open drives everyday.
I need to keep them in control...
trying last short of the day from 74.50..targeting 72.50...then calling it a day
scaling heavy at 73...I really want them back to that 71.50 vpoc on runners.....not looking good though
here is a picture....two bars on right are what is happening now..
Click image for original size
so all the volume from first 30 minute bar is at 71.50
taking something at 72 too...being aggressive on exits as first two RTH trades were small losers today....
Yes I was wondering that two, News driven today due to Jet being shot down. We will see if this high holds or not..