ES Thursday 7-17-14

a few things that explains it faster than I can type .....67 should be the key to watch this a fader I prefer the buy side on gap lower opens.....70 - 71 will also be critical ...using two support points that are close by 64 - 65 and 61.50 - 62.50...explained on video...if longs are wrong then they should try to push down to 56 - 57 area today
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

This Bruce is superfast.
One day, I'll be just as fast as Bruce.
But before that day arrives, I have to deal with my issues.
Like overposting in this thread, getting rid of my 'open-drive-issues', and so on.

I'll be quiet now...
last runner stopped at 74.25...holding above that vpoc and YD va low should be good for bulls now
no such thing as over posting....same is said to Duck as per yesterdays comments he's only BAD if it messes up YOUR trading ...otherwise it's all good
today was two small losers and one good winner in RTH and one tiny win in O/N session.......I'm going to be away for the next 3 weeks or so on some vacation and family type things....I hope u folks can keep these threads alive even if it's only a few days a week or writing up some comments after your trades are done.... I'm hoping to log onto the site and perhaps even trade off my laptop for a few days if I get motivated and feel like taking more risk than usual

I wish everyone the best and hope life and trading go well for ya !!
Thanks for all your work here, Bruce.
And thank you for taking the time to post and to explain your insights.
Have a nice vacation and I hope to see you back.
thanks bruce, have a nice break and hope to see u back in a few weeks
Ditto for me too Bruce enjoy your time away with the family.......And definitely look forwards to your ideas upon your return
Enjoy your well-earned vacation, Bruce. I'll look forward to your return.
Gonna try and improve on your surfing skills Bruce???
Shark, I'm starting to wonder in your 7/16 date might have been pretty good!
Yes I was wondering that two, News driven today due to Jet being shot down. We will see if this high holds or not..