ES Thursday 7-17-14

a few things that explains it faster than I can type .....67 should be the key to watch this a fader I prefer the buy side on gap lower opens.....70 - 71 will also be critical ...using two support points that are close by 64 - 65 and 61.50 - 62.50...explained on video...if longs are wrong then they should try to push down to 56 - 57 area today
No video below? Try this link: Thursday.swf

vpoc flip to 67 .25 sent me in long but this is very poor trade location so this is super small it is right at a POC from the other day....I missed my 65 entry....not a great feel here in overnight session
nice plan bruce

i think overall we are still in a big range since start of july, and we have a bunch of hvn that we are bouncing to and from, namely 71, 67.5 and between we have all the daily nuggets bruce mentioned in his video and i am not gonna repeat...but in sum, a nice push below 67ish will have us testing that onl once again and likely lower into that 58 to see if buyers are still there...above 71 and i don't see taht mid 70s area holding as resist once again so we'll likely see new ath

good luck
going flat at 68 even...hoping for a push under 67 in RTH ....near zones mentioned then we can hope for retest back up to 67
I'm frozen here...I really need to see us under that 67 to try a buy or up at 71 to try a small sell....don't like the sells though...I think I missed the long opportunity already so trying to be patient here
trying small sells at 71.75 but this is an open and drive back into the previous days very aggressive 4 is nearby
I hope I can keep my 'open-drive-issues' in control today...
flat at 72.....sure seems like they want 74 and I wan't no part of short unless we start getting back under the single prints of YD
LOL...and today they will open and drive it knows what we are thinking ...ha !!
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I hope I can keep my 'open-drive-issues' in control today...

Bruce out already?! Man you're fast!
I have a long 1969.50 (day low) working and aiming for 1977.75 (day high)
I took the loser by a tic.....I'm was on the wrong side and philly fed at 10 this a.m.....I'm gonna try once more short from 71.75 but keeping it tiny !! don't like reports...see if we can get midpoint test...half back !!
Yes I was wondering that two, News driven today due to Jet being shot down. We will see if this high holds or not..