ES Thursday 8-28-14

Levels as I see it I think they will need to test the LVN from opening under and O/N midpoint....risk today is that we have had three days of consolidation so if everyone starts giving up on the 2000 level then real selling could for me I will be taking longs at slightly lower numbers of contracts today....On the 90.25 long now but will watch closely
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

and a day session only chart but really focusing on lower levels just in case
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I'll give you a big thumbs up to counter act any negatives :)
same here.. nice trading bruce.. that voting down is what i beleive drove nick away too..glad you have thicker skin
thanks Gang for the vote up.....that LVN ( 91 - 93) was a beautiful spot and I'm sure many of u took the sells off that LVN congrats...I only took the one long and plan to keep it that way today....I'm curious to see if we chop against all those previous swing highs from that 8-22....seems so messy to me but hope it drops for ya all ( i visited the south so I have an accent now)....and speaking of the south ...where the hell is Monkeymeat been ? or is that the old west ??
Your postings speak for themselves Bruce, We appreciate all your hard work
well the hour is up and value has built lower and we have rejected the LVN so far.......I mention it only because I know many like to fade IB highs and lows.....I think today the context tells us it is dangerous to be buying if we get an IB low breakout........time to go outside and watch paint dry...really that's what I'm going to do ...go paint to get a lead on these harsh VT winters and do something physical...94.50 is another smaller key spot as it is single print ( almost ) and a breakdown point from the overnight ( it was vpoc before the flip down) be mindful of that if you are shooting long for that 97 - 98 area....

either way I hope it goes the way u need