ES Thursday 9-4-14

how I see it and will be making a second video to add on to this ramble
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just added this ramble using the weekly profile

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first sell area I will use is now that 03 - 05.....we know we have the 06.50 to lean on if needed but would prefer to get the short near that 03 area first
I'd like to see 2000.50 print....that would be about a half gap fill
I have 2003.50 and 2004.25 and not really loving it so far...these are shorts
gonna use open print of 02.50 as first target if they will give me it..I really wantthem to get back under the time VA high of YD quicker than they are
I took the loser at 04.50 right before 9:45 report ...trying again now from 06.75....I realize that O/N high is close by
looking to get 05 first to clean up from that small loss
covering at 07 and will wait for double top with O/N high to get at 10 again
ok..on the 08 but small as reports are due soon...I wanted to wait to see what happened at O/N high and......trying only for that 06.50...two losses in a row today so far...I plan on adding to this above YD highs if needed.....but I have to see report print out first...this is much higher risk as we have opened and drove right out of value after the test of YD POC....trying for 06.50.....

2011 - 2013.50 would be my ideal short point but will not hold my 08 against that
I'm hoping they will want to revisit 04.75 too
got my 06.50 to make up for the losses but day session trades have no profit so far.....only overnight was a winner..I need this O/N high to fail and drive back to 04.75 - 05...not looking likely so far
FT71 post the Opening Swing a lot on Twitter...