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ES Thursday 9-4-14

how I see it and will be making a second video to add on to this ramble
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just added this ramble using the weekly profile

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no problem sharks...hope you got something out of it.....always good to learn from the losing trades and ideas too...probably more important then when we have winners
I agree Bruce, I took a small long off the opening swing as it seemed to hold above the 2003.25 zone and got rewarded, been quiet ever since.
I noticed all the Volume is building in the upper end of todays profile and looks rather thin down below. I was wondering if that could promote a short opportunity or not? I was wondering how to interpret this type of profile.
sure wish I had a good answer for ya sharks...that volume could be acceptance...or just a battle with those highs of YD and the overnight.....I guess you could bracket it and use the middle as a stop loss but I think these "P" formations can be confusing...if we were looking at boxes then we'd have a 3 point box ( 07 - 10) and you'd have to sell on a good delta break below 07 and then use 08.50 or 08.25 as a stop loss...or buy above the current highs and use the same stop loss......both ideas seems too tight for a stop loss ....when in doubt , stay out......sorry I can't be more help...
I thought they might try and back fill towards the opening price of today, which it appears they are trying to do now, but I'm not on this short.
Thanks Bruce
nice call sharks....sure wish I could hold that but if I had those 09.75 sells I would have stopped out at 2010.....a box player would have tried for 05.50 and then 04...this is the key test I wanted before.....but if you aren't in a trade then it is worthless to your bank account but it might be important to see why I thought that would test...regardless of the fact that I couldn't hold or trade for that test

but RIGHT on Sharks !!! nice call on that !!!
hope my comment didn't turn you off...that double top would have also made me stay away from this short concept too...still a nice read on your part
look where anomolly from Tuesday and VA volume high is from Tuesday...then look where O/N VPOC fell....we are there now.....I would thinjk that should mean something to's also shown on my third video of today for those without MP/VP access
wow..a real beauty...well done !!
Originally posted by sharks57

I agree Bruce, I took a small long off the opening swing as it seemed to hold above the 2003.25 zone and got rewarded, been quiet ever since.
I saw some momentum divergences up around 2009.50 area as well, but just wanted to understand this "P" type profile a little better..
FT71 post the Opening Swing a lot on Twitter...
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