ES Thursday 9-4-14

how I see it and will be making a second video to add on to this ramble
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just added this ramble using the weekly profile

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runners stopped so not gonna be making any money on that campaign but at least cleaned up those two next plan is to sell at 2009.75 - 2011.50 and then try another sell if 2013.50 prints...this will be last two tries of the day for will be 08.25 if I get the 09.75 working....watching to see if this buying can ease up as we approach those all time highs
looking for 08.50 to reprint and a bit lower...YD may give them some trouble
why 9.75 Bruce ? thanks and good trading !
coming out heavy at 08.25........this is the single print breakout point and YD highs so need to get most off here..
this concept is more important when the current all time high is one of the overnight APK here is why I took that there
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thx for the video Bruce !
I'm keeping a very close eyed on last runners now and this is specifically a fader I don't like how they are consolidating above the highs of the O/N and YD high...and VPOC at 07.25 is getting tagged and I am taking another one off here..multiple tpos at the O/N high and YD high may imply acceptance of the higher prices but the reality is that it could also mean that they are having trouble extending beyond those ranges ....just like I mentioned on one of the first two videos this morning....from Tuesdays session's the same concept only this is happening at the highs....but we can't be sure who will win the battle
your very welocme
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thx for the video Bruce !
that's it for me...flat on last at 08 even...I need to take the sure thing and can't manage this up here...with that all time high up there and the r2 at 2013 I thinks it best to stay out....we are stuck inside the IB anyway....
Thx for all your work today Bruce
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