ES Friday 9-5-14

how i see it and a trade I have 91- 92.50......the 95.75-97 and 99 - 2000.50 ...not my best video today but it's friday and I need my morning tea !!
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

that's me all out at 96...damn..I may not even get to trade in RTH today...very strange....If we get above the On high then watch that 03.75 - 04 ...not only is it a poc but it is last weeks high ....again !!
.not my best video today but it's friday and I need my morning tea !!

I disagree, One of your best, especially with the trade execution mid-video, great stuff!
yes nice job all week bruce
I think the safest trades ( doesn't mean they will work) is to wait for a long signal under 92 or a short signal above that 99 at that 96 area is more dangerous and best used as a target
thanks gang....Ii find it interesting how the amount of contracts we trade affects our mood and actions...In the overnight ( usually from 9 a.m onward) I trade small so I was actually quite calm putting that if I tried that in RTH I would have sounded more stressed as the contract size would most likely have been higher and my stress level would increase too....I'm not saying that I would have been a nervous wreck because if that was happening then I would know I have too many contracts on and that is a no-no.......but there is a connection when u trade higher contracts and mood....
still low volume at 92.25 ..I expect a retest of that from under YD lows
very important to get back up above this 92 order to go back to 96 again...otherwise any runners will be stopped and that O/N low will get taken out
my runners are coming out heavy at 95.50 just in case but anyone holding needs to watch that 92 if they dip it down from here...should get a gap fill today.....good luck more for me
and just for the record I did try a 92 buy that failed was too quick to post so I went in under yesterdays lows expecting that 92 to get retested...the rest was just luck ....I think I explained the two lower areas on the video...and the plan to use that lower area if the 92 least I hope I said that on the video

hope all have a great weekend....I'll be logged on here and checking the market but shutting down platfom to resist temptation
Nice job Bruce have a nice weekend
vpoc just shifted to 92...if I was trading this I'd have to ASSume that the O/N low is gonna be the one to break soon..which probably means thatthe O/N high will get run out ...ha ! ok that really is it for me now....gotta get outside before it becomes hotter than hell

so lets leave it with something a bit raw today