ES Friday 9-5-14

how i see it and a trade I have 91- 92.50......the 95.75-97 and 99 - 2000.50 ...not my best video today but it's friday and I need my morning tea !!
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

for those of you who like to trade for the 95% probability of an O/N high or low getting broken I suggest you watch those O/N VOLUME value areas closely for clues....I'm not a breakout trader as most know but if they get back under that 92 then be careful if you are long as the probability might get run to the downside...and those looking for the O/N high to run would watch the Volume va high of 98.50 closely....just an idea...use it at your own risk.....nuff said......
poc of time just shifted down to 92...very interesting now....this is the same thing that has happened the past few days...does this mean they are accepting the lower price and they will sell off down towards 84 - 85 and take out that On low or will is this a sign that they buyers are building ammo up for the push long....sure wish I knew the answer but this is just another reason why I like the " first test is the best test " theory
vpoc just shifted to 92...if I was trading this I'd have to ASSume that the O/N low is gonna be the one to break soon..which probably means thatthe O/N high will get run out ...ha ! ok that really is it for me now....gotta get outside before it becomes hotter than hell

so lets leave it with something a bit raw today