ES Monday 9-8-14

Here' how I see it today....those standard deviation bands when I changed the multiplier are suppose to show a spot where the market should NOT trade too by fridays close...the first screen I showed were the bands just for today...hope that's clear
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I just added this chart can see the low volume spot at around 1999 that separates the two distributions we had on this goes well with our 2000 area anyway but in general you can use 1999- 2001 as thee critical area to watch today for clues of direction
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Thx bKay, Yes but got off the train a little early. See a single print on Fridays chart if I'm reading that right could be a target to the downside.
Yes a couple singles right in Bruce's 98-99 zone
official single prints sit at 02.50.......all us buyers want this to hold inside the upper distribution so that LVN at 1998 - 99 area becomes real important to me...adding in at 99.25 but biggest add point will be if 98.25 prints....revising first target to 2001.25 ...
I took off the 000.75 for a break even trade....keeping my 99.25 on for now...just not sure if they want that 98.25
current VA low and YD poc here so I have to take something off at the 2001...leaving two runners only on...I had a grand plan if that 98.25 printed so this wasn't the size I had intended
yeah, nice one...I'm always leary when VA highs fall so close to RTH highs and closes...nice trade
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took a quick short in here around 2005.25 delta was dropping off and momentum waning looking for 2003.25 little late on the post sorry.
trying to get 2002.25 ...just in front of those singles...with YD POC here it may get choppy..but so far they are givingthe illusion that we have a nice buying tail off those single prints from Friday...we'll see.....may be too obvious
a vpoc flip lower ...skew is up...we'll see..not gonna give this much room or time as 11 am is coming up ..interesting that even though value is all inside of Fridays value... we are in theory building value ABOVE the lower distribution...which should still be good for the bulls....
Looks like you have a solid trade off that 99.50 area Bruce
that's me done all out at 02.50....just in time.......gotta get outside and do something physical....I hope it keeps running if you are long...this thing needs to get above 04.50 as next stumbling block...good luck....I have some emails I will get to later for those I haven't responded too yet...I didn't forget
just small pieces for me but I'm all out now....we are at developing vwap now too...
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Looks like you have a solid trade off that 99.50 area Bruce