ES Thursday 9-11-14

Here is how I see it....VA low and s1 at 85.75 is key but for me my first support zone is 84.50 - 85.75.....and then above 89 is target for today ...more babble below
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

a slightly bigger picture of yesterday against the Overnight........
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long on 85.50....will look to see if we can get 88 here......just in front of that swing high
imperative to get over the 87 - 88 ....double swings off weeklies mentioned yesterday.......then maybe a chance for 89.75.....taking something off at 87 if they will give me it.....I will need to make a video later to expalin this confusion today
my plan in RTH is to look for buys in the 84.25 - 85.75 zone...first.......and try to target 89.50 ultimately..hopefully that 87 won't get in our way....if I take the 82 then plan is to try for 84.50.....if I take the 79.50 then I try for 82....damn.......a bit out of sorts due to a data issue
taking off one measly left from On at 88.50...did not get a chance to initiate in RTH yet today
Thanks Bruce.
Is this an open drive?
looks like it so far...but many times they turn into open auctions so the jury isn't out on it yet
trying buys on retest at 89.50 to see if I can get 92 - 93...critical to hold that
long onthe 89.50 now and don't like it..they hit that pivot just too perfect.....this is an experimental trade for me and I donot like how vpoc is at the highs......keepingthis tight as a failure will run it back to 86.50 fast I think
Sure looks like an open drive...
Or are my open-drive issues messin' with my brain again?
89.50 represents to me the dividing line between two distributions bulls want to get above and firm that up.......that is the reason for my trade but it is not at an experimental for me
enjoy aladin..I think the fact that we have trade on both sides of the IB, a flat Vwap and we are hitting up against prices near the weekly poc and not far above is the weekly vpoc bodes well for reversion trades back towards that 90 area again...just observing now