ES Thursday 9-11-14

Here is how I see it....VA low and s1 at 85.75 is key but for me my first support zone is 84.50 - 85.75.....and then above 89 is target for today ...more babble below
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a slightly bigger picture of yesterday against the Overnight........
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could be aladin but I prefer to see an open drive that happens OUTSIDE of the previous days range or when they drive it quickly out of a value area....we are completly inside the VA of YD and it is rollover
long 1990.00 target 1995.00
taking something at 91 print.......damn pivot players are at it today
getting out on last at 93 print and flat...don't trust 92 - 93 in general
Nice fast trading, Bruce.
I hope to see 1995.00 (O/N high + HVN yesterday + close)
I'm a bit off today and seem to be S-L-O-W but it was a good day and here is just something I was looking at and the reason for my experimental long......experimental because it was inside a range....I gotta go get some caffeine but probably not trading anymore.......without reports today I'd be careful of any single print area that gets left behind on the 30 , 60 or 90 minute edge...those should fill in with some other tpo print at some point today
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u 2 aladin..I hope it keeps running for ya...I just don't trust that cluster I mentioned on the second video I just put up
Originally posted by Aladdin

Nice fast trading, Bruce[.
I hope to see 1995.00 (O/N high + HVN yesterday + close)
I think most would be wise to keep in mind that they snap the POC of time at the LONGEST line closest to the center of the range.........but that doesn't mean that it is where all the time actually was spent...if I snap a mini profile of time on one minute from YD afternoon you can see that most of the time was actually spent at 92.75 and 95....but the official poc from yesterday was at 92 which was better ?
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they are still trying to figure out that LVN at 89.50.....
1987.00 stoploss
and here is another reason to watch 84 closely if they drop it down to it...notice all the time spent there.....
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enjoy aladin..I think the fact that we have trade on both sides of the IB, a flat Vwap and we are hitting up against prices near the weekly poc and not far above is the weekly vpoc bodes well for reversion trades back towards that 90 area again...just observing now