ES Thursday 9-25-14

The levels I see and we are hitting down into one now...need to watch 83.75 - 85.50 for clues...I favor longs...after a trend day they often like to buy breaks and sell this may be the break happening now in O/N session......failure below that 83.75 will push to 80 - 81...just an FYI ...working on a second video to add to this post
No video below? Try this link: Thursday_9-25-14.swf

damn jing cut me off...the nerve !! was trying to mention at the end is that they like to drive the cash to the 00, 25, 75 numbers but in between you can split it out to 12.5 increments and even further to 6.25 increments if you want much Iike I did on the fib grid thread with the ES futures

this video also covers some Greenies !!
No video below? Try this link: cut_me_off_jing.swf

I'm hopingthis new greenie at 75.50 is gonna try and cap this down move
only one of two things are gonna happen....this volume will be real buyers and they will push for the 78.25 and higher or they flip it over on us and go get that damned 73..........and I will be trying last longs there...
flat at 75 ...gonna wait to see if they can get that 73
&^%$...making me work hard today...trying again from 73.50....plan to add at 72.50
coming out heavy at 76....76.50 is S1 today and just below that LVN.....trying to hold small runners for 78
ow, this sell-off is something.....
starting final try for today at 67.50 to get back to 71....hopefully last weeks low won't be a problem on the way back up if it can even get there...71 is the 88% volatility band we are pushing to a place we shouldn't be and we just broke last weeks low
nice call Bruce!
taking something at 69.50...last weeks low...and trying to I will revise my target to 71 and then 73 Greenie if real lucky...30 minute breakdown point sits at 74 ...don't be too bearish New kid...this is just range testing so far.....too much too soon I think
covering at 71 and trying to hold two for 73 as finale exit today...YD low may give us some grief...
Thanks for the explanation Bruce. Enjoy your vacation!